May 2018
Do you want to lead the market? Cognoscible Technologies are offering trainings for enterprises with strong R&D teams. From the day one participants are able to solve their scientific problems related to physics, chemistry and engineering. Through an interactive transformation, they develop new ways to formulate products and solutions. Individual approach. We study needs and characteristic of your team and develop a training especially for them. In result, they achieve an optimized way to make science. Star trainers’ team. The training is made in situ with top professional trainers from Chile, Spain, Scotland and Ireland, each of them is the leader in his field. Results guaranteed. Future counselling. The training itself will take from 3 to 7 days. Then we carry on with future sessions of following and improving. Results guaranteed.
Training in the CT Methodology

“It makes it all easier.” (Comments from a client)

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COGNOSCIBLE TECHNOLOGIES We show what’s possible
November 2017
Scientific Consulting The scientific consultancy and advisory services are available for enterprises or companies that want to obtain strategic advantages and/or increase profitability through: Answers to scientific and/or technological problems and doubts The development of new products Reducing costs Products with scientific properties Optimization of working times Development and implementation of analysis systems and others Our clients tell us what they would like to solve or implement. Cognoscible Technologies looks for necessary solutions and presents the proposal. As regards the product design we have, we follow these guidelines: A product designed by us must include the best properties of the global market. Or its cost must be economic and profitable for users. During the optimization of production, analysis, and results, we design: a singular data analysis that reduce to 90% the pending time. ways of conducting experiments that currently take days, while they used to take weeks or months before. And we provide clients with tools that give them advantages to successfully compete with rivals. With the results of consultancy, clients reduce costs, increase their productivity reducing pending times, and obtain a huge selling potential because they have products for their own market that are more attractive and profitable than the competence’s.